LGC 3.4 – new interface, hashtags and other news

Welcome! This post inaugurates the new version of LibroGameCreator, which includes a whole series of changes that I had been planning for some time.

In the meantime, here is an image that partially manages to summarize them.

What you will find in the new version:

  • the interface has been partially redesigned to accommodate new data and improve the display of important ones;
  • now you could see paragraphs entering the current one, paragraphs exiting the current one and in both the buttons, which can be used to navigate the book, show whether or not the paragraph is locked;
  • I created a function to merge two gamebooks written with LGC, to facilitate the use of those who work with four or more hands, it will be sufficient that there are no overlaps between the numbers of the paragraphs contained in the two texts;
  • hashtags have been added, which can be attributed to paragraphs to indicate their peculiarities (such as the presence of certain keywords) and a hashtag search has been developed;
  • the (italian) manual has been largely rewritten and corrected, adapted to the new version with the addition of examples and advice on the use of LGC.

For now, I’d say that’s all. There’s still a lot to do, I’m sorry that, at the moment, the manuals in other languages need to be updated and I’m already thinking about the next changes.

But first I’m going to go into more detail about how the program works, to meet new and old users, but I’ll do it in the next few weeks and perhaps in a different way than usual. We’ll see what I can come up with.


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