LibroGameCreator or LGC is a software for writing interactive texts or “crossroad narratives”. LGC allows editing, connection between paragraphs, export in various formats including HTML and RTF (with active links), creation of game book connection graphics and more.

In 2007 I decided to combine my passion for writing with that for games, and try the path of interactive fiction, game books. I started with a notebook and a pen, and the first story, Fuga dall’Altrove, I created on a bench, in a small square behind Piazza dell’Unità, in Trieste. One hundred paragraphs in a day spent warming up that and various other benches in the area, as the sun moved, with an A4 sheet to keep the graph of the paragraphs, the connections, the solutions of the puzzles.

Back home I had a short interactive story, a loose packet of papers and intense back pain. And as has always happened to me, first I looked for software that would help me in that type of creation and, having discovered that there was nothing up to my needs, I designed and created a new one. LibroGameCreator, which in five years has improved from various points of view even if it still has some bugs that I always hope to be able to exterminate.

Over the years, in addition to the “simple” editing of game books, I added a section for creating graphs, feeding files to the powerful Graphviz, and the paragraph shuffle, which allows the author to write the book linearly without worrying randomly distribute the parts of the story.

Between 2012 and 2014 the developments became less frequent until they disappeared, until the advent of the new version, LGC3, completely rewritten, using Java to have a program that can be used on any operating system. Currently this version has been released and is constantly being updated.

With Joe Dever at Lucca Comics And Games (2007)
LibroGameCreator 1.2
LibroGameCreator 1.2 (2009)
An exported gamebook on the PSP
An exported gamebook on the PSP (2010)
LibroGameCreator 2
LibroGameCreator 2 (2010)
LibroGameCreator 3
LibroGameCreator 3.0 (2014)
LibroGameCreator 3.4.1 in dark mode (2023)
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