LGC 3.3.18 and the new english manual

One of the worst thing about software is that someone has to write the manual.
– anonymous

LGC 3.3.18 has been released some weeks ago, just before my lesson about gamebook writing softwares for the italian educational publisher Tambù. The new version contains bugfixing and the new icons for HTML and RTF export formats.

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LGC 3.2.16

New release of the gamebook’s editor, ready to be downloaded:

– solved a bug about ebook format export (reported by a writer working on a huge gamebook with more than 2200 sections  yikes )

– modified tag visualization, now highlights fill the entire tag from { to }

– modified the link tag, now the clickable area cover all the characters from { to }

3.2.8 released


Looking at this blog it could seem that LibroGameCreator development has stopped one year ago. The truth is that the program has evolved, new features has been added and bags of bugs have been thrown away. But everytime I released a new version I’ve postponed the post on the english blog, slowly forget about it.

Today I’ve tryed to recollect all those modifications, and list them below. As always you can download the program here.

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3.1.20 released

New release with lot of bugfixing and some interesting (I hope) news:

  • new: CTRL+K expands the editor pane
  • modified: when saving & reloading a file, lgc moves to the last edited chapter
  • modified: if text is selected, CTRL+F opens search panel with the selected text as search term
  • modified: F3 add a link to the first new chapter, creates the chapter and move the cursor to the link description
  • bug fixed: moving to a chapter (by clicking the tree or a link) does not trigger the “modified” flag
  • bug fixed: import from other formats creates two “game” entities

3.1.18 released

A lot of bugfixing and a new feature, in the versions released from the last post.

Libro Game Creator style editor
the style sheet editor

  • new: style editor, where you can modify existing styles and create new ones; styles apply to RTF, HTML and ebook exports
  • new: removed unused plugin list
  • new: different chapter template for html and rtf exports
  • new: epub export now uses same style sheet of html and rt exports
  • fixed a bug in graphviz image generation
  • fixed a bug in backup
  • fixed a bug in txt file import
  • bugfixed search & replace algorithms
  • bufixed attribute editor
  • bugfixed file save

3.1.9 released

Some improvements in the last release of the year 🙂

  • new: “create desktop link” script for Linux, it’s called make-desktop-link.sh, you’ll find it in lgc root folder. It’s been “inspired” from the Brogue‘s one (a beautiful game, one of the best in classic roguelikes)
  • new properties: auto convert special chars in HTML (space–> ) to let you indent text even in HTML
  • improved HTML & RTF export, added active link management to intro & rules, now you can end the intro with a text like “and now go to {link rules:read the rules}” and the rules page with “to begin your adventure {link 1:read the first paragraph}
  • fixed some translation strings

3.1.7 released


* new: import from TXT file PLUGIN
* new: Preferences window
* new: Plugin list window
* new: first english version of the manual
* added short cut CTRL Z to undo in the text editor (I know it could seem obvious 🙂 )
* modified: link to official website change according to the selected language
* modified: updater does not overwrite user’s configuration
* modified: updater removes temp folder
* fixed undo bug
* fixed other minor bugs

3.1.4 released

new LGC3 skin

* added localization core system
* added language resources for English
* added language resources for Italian
* added “simply” skin (AKA “Caponata Skin”)
* added view menu
* added show/hide menu command for attributes panels
* memorize gui settings
* language menu settings
* fixed Desktop API implementation
* updated the manual
* updated the launchers
* fixed sort bugs
* minor bugfixing