Gamebooks are well known in Italy, where they are called libri-gioco or libri-game. From this comes LibroGameCreator a powerful editor written in Java, running on Microsoft Windows, MacOSX and Linux OS.


multiplatform installer Install4J

UI with various light and dark themes and a immersive mode

write chapters of the book and link them with an easy syntax (just press F5 to create a new link to the first available chapter)

upload multi layered game map and link location to the chapters

shuffle the chapters

record the reading history

validate the book

use sections to insert other texts like prologue & rules

import the book from text file, SQLite database, Squiffy file or LGC2 file

export the game book to eBook (ePub2, complete with cover and hyperlinked chapters), a single HTML file or a folder with one HTML file for every chapter, RTF file (ready to be converted in a playable PDF file with active internal links), a graphical rappresentation of the sections links (via Graphviz libs), a SQLite database (useful to play the book with a dedicated Android/iOS application), a ChooseScript file, a Squiffy file


Professional multiplatform installer thanks to ej-technologies (
German translation and manual by Andreas Konig
French translation by Yannick Roch
LGC3 logo by Massimo Borri
Icon set by P@sNox (
Look and feel library by JTattoo (
DesktopApi library by Ondřej Hruška (