Libro Game Creator

Gamebooks are well known in Italy, where they are called libri-gioco or libri-game. From this comes Libro Game Creator a powerful editor written in Java, running on Microsoft Windos, MacOSX and Linux PCs.


  • write sections of the book
  • link them with a easy sintax (press F2 to create a new link, or write {link section_numer:link_text} or use one of the other shortcuts)
  • shuffle the sections
  • import the book from
    • text file
    • a SQLite database
    • Squiffy file
  • export the game book in
    • eBook (ePub2) complete with cover and hyperlinked chapters
    • a single HTML file
    • a bunch of HTML files, one per section
    • RTF file (ready to be converted in a playable PDF file with active internal links)
    • a graphical rappresentation of the sections links (via Graphviz libs)
    • a SQLite database (useful to play the book with a dedicated Android/iOS application)
    • a ChooseScript file
    • a Squiffy file


You can download the program using the links below:


LGC needs a PC running Windows, MacOS or Linux, with Java installed. If you’re not sure it is present, open a terminal window and run the command

java -version

In case you don’t have it already installed, you can download Java from

and follow the instructions to install it.

LGC needs Graphviz to generate the gamebook’s graph. The program could be downloaded from

To install LGC download the file (.zip or .tgz), uncompress it on your PC, anywhere you want, and run the correct launcher:

  • run.cmd on Windows systems
  • on Linux systems (you need to make it executable running chmod a+x before launching it)

Libro Game Creator is donationware

Donazione Paypal


  • Yannick Roch (french translation and french manual)
  • LGC3 logo by Massimo Borri (
  • Ekit HTML editor by Howard Kistler (
  • UIStyle by JTattoo (
  • DesktopApi by Ondřej Hruška (
  • Oxygen Icon Set by P@sNox (