3.1.10 released, with the new “game mapper”

Day two of the new year and we are here again, with a new Libro Game Creator’s release and some great news. I’ve played with the idea of a tool to link gamebook’s paragraphs and a map of the game, very useful to the writer, to let him have a visual approach to the story. Well, in this version you’ll find a very very simple implementation of that idea. Now you can open the “game mapper”, choose a background image (the map) and put on it a button for every chapter you’ve in your book. Clicking the button on the map, LGC will load thechapter. Clicking the “show on map” button in LGC, will open the game mapper and center the map on the selectedchapter (if thechapter has been already linked to the map). Other news are about lot of plugins bugfixing and a shortcut to open a gamechapter, just press CTRL+G. The background image in the screenshot below, has been created with hexographer, a very useful Java tool. game book map editor This is the complete changelog of the new version, enjoy! * new: map editor * new: go to shortcut (CTRL+G) * modified toolbar’s icons * fixed import from txt plugin * fixed export to ebook plugin * fixed export to graphviz plugin * fixed make-desktop-link script’s name * fixed a bug in language selection