Happy New Year, gamebook players!

zagor-warlockA short post to wish you a happy 2015. May it be every day better than the last, worst of next.

But there is no rest for real developers 😉 so I’m planning other features for my gamebook’s editor. The new release is almost ready (primarily based on bugfixing) and a new idea with which I’m playing these days is to develop a map editor, to get a graphical view of the story’s flow.

In the meantime,

Happy New!

PS – there is a new page, devoted to all you LGC supporter


3.1.9 released

Some improvements in the last release of the year 🙂

  • new: “create desktop link” script for Linux, it’s called make-desktop-link.sh, you’ll find it in lgc root folder. It’s been “inspired” from the Brogue‘s one (a beautiful game, one of the best in classic roguelikes)
  • new properties: auto convert special chars in HTML (space–> ) to let you indent text even in HTML
  • improved HTML & RTF export, added active link management to intro & rules, now you can end the intro with a text like “and now go to {link rules:read the rules}” and the rules page with “to begin your adventure {link 1:read the first paragraph}
  • fixed some translation strings

3.1.8 the Christmas release :)

Last release before holiday, mainly focused on adding a basic feature in a word processor, even in a interactive fiction editor like LGC: search & replace.

Inspired by the Sigil panel, the new feature let you:

  • search/replace text in current chapter or in all the book
  • replace all the occourences (in the chapter or in all the book)
  • case sensitive flag

For now, S&R starts from the opened chapter and continues until it reaches book’s end. I’m planning to add “book wrap” option asap.

3.1.7 released


* new: import from TXT file PLUGIN
* new: Preferences window
* new: Plugin list window
* new: first english version of the manual
* added short cut CTRL Z to undo in the text editor (I know it could seem obvious 🙂 )
* modified: link to official website change according to the selected language
* modified: updater does not overwrite user’s configuration
* modified: updater removes temp folder
* fixed undo bug
* fixed other minor bugs

A gamebook is…

A gamebook is a work of fiction that allows the reader to participate in the story by making effective choices. The narrative branches along various paths through the use of numbered paragraphs or pages.
Gamebooks are sometimes informally called choose your own adventure books or CYOA which is also the name of the Choose Your Own Adventure series published by Bantam Books. They can also be referred to as Test Your Fate or TYF which typically refers to a book with many dead-ends.

– from Wikipedia

3.1.4 released

new LGC3 skin

* added localization core system
* added language resources for English
* added language resources for Italian
* added “simply” skin (AKA “Caponata Skin”)
* added view menu
* added show/hide menu command for attributes panels
* memorize gui settings
* language menu settings
* fixed Desktop API implementation
* updated the manual
* updated the launchers
* fixed sort bugs
* minor bugfixing

3.0.2 released

* auto open most recent file
* added item tree nodes drag & drop
* added drag & drop rules
* added tree double click event to open entity editor
* added link to the manual in the new Help menu
* added button toolbar
* added deletion check
* added global keyboard shortcuts
* auto select first chapter when creating or loading a book
* auto open graphviz generated image after export a book
* auto remove empty groups
* auto select first chapter after deletion