3.1.18 released

A lot of bugfixing and a new feature, in the versions released from the last post.

Libro Game Creator style editor
the style sheet editor
  • new: style editor, where you can modify existing styles and create new ones; styles apply to RTF, HTML and ebook exports
  • new: removed unused plugin list
  • new: different chapter template for html and rtf exports
  • new: epub export now uses same style sheet of html and rt exports
  • fixed a bug in graphviz image generation
  • fixed a bug in backup
  • fixed a bug in txt file import
  • bugfixed search & replace algorithms
  • bufixed attribute editor
  • bugfixed file save

Libro Game Creator & Fighting Fantazine

Fighting FantazineA short notice about the latest issue of Fighting Fantazine, the PDF magazine about the world of gamebooks (not only the FF saga).

At page 14 you could find a short article about the new Libro Game Creator version, with a link to this website.

Thanks to Alessandro Viola (the bridge between italian gamebook fans and the FF world) and the entire Staff!

Fanzine’s website is http://www.fightingfantazine.co.uk/


3.1.11 released, new map features, ChoiceScript export and much more

With this new release comes a lot of features and improvements, mainly focused on the new “game mapper”, shipped in a very row version with the previous LGC release.
I’ve tried to go on with the translation of the manual, so you will find some more clues in it.

LGC 3.1.11
LibroGameCreator, Map Editor and Graphviz visualizer


Changes in the mapper:

  • chapter’s markers carry more informations
    • there are the chapter’s flag icons (deadly, fixed, ending)
    • empty chpaters have different background color
  • you can drag around markers
  • it’s possible to load new file as background map
  • game mapper now have scroll and zoom
  • various bugs fixed

Changes in the main editor:

  • lot of news in the chapter’s visualization [1]
    • new icon for ending chapters (no more red cross, now there is a “trophy” image)
    • every flag icon is now visible near the chapter’s number
    • empty chapters have different background color
  • export with Graphviz plugin generates a svg file (along with the jpg file) [2]
  • added a svg visualizer, it’s a beta version to be improved in next release
  • new ChoiceScript export plugin [3]
  • when importing from other files (like text files) system entities are added
  • added chapter’s name auto refactoring: when you change the name of a chapter, all link pointing to it will be changed accordingly with the new name
  • new and modified keyboard shortcut:
  • CTRL+P open map editor
  • F3 insert a link in the {link M:text} format, where M is the number of the first “free” chapter number
  • various bugs fixed

[1] asap I’ll add a chapter’s filter

[2] for more information: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalable_Vector_Graphics

[3] for more information: http://choicescriptdev.wikia.com

3.1.10 released, with the new “game mapper”

Day two of the new year and we are here again, with a new Libro Game Creator’s release and some great news. I’ve played with the idea of a tool to link gamebook’s paragraphs and a map of the game, very useful to the writer, to let him have a visual approach to the story. Well, in this version you’ll find a very very simple implementation of that idea. Now you can open the “game mapper”, choose a background image (the map) and put on it a button for every chapter you’ve in your book. Clicking the button on the map, LGC will load thechapter. Clicking the “show on map” button in LGC, will open the game mapper and center the map on the selectedchapter (if thechapter has been already linked to the map). Other news are about lot of plugins bugfixing and a shortcut to open a gamechapter, just press CTRL+G. The background image in the screenshot below, has been created with hexographer, a very useful Java tool. game book map editor This is the complete changelog of the new version, enjoy! * new: map editor * new: go to shortcut (CTRL+G) * modified toolbar’s icons * fixed import from txt plugin * fixed export to ebook plugin * fixed export to graphviz plugin * fixed make-desktop-link script’s name * fixed a bug in language selection

Happy New Year, gamebook players!

zagor-warlockA short post to wish you a happy 2015. May it be every day better than the last, worst of next.

But there is no rest for real developers 😉 so I’m planning other features for my gamebook’s editor. The new release is almost ready (primarily based on bugfixing) and a new idea with which I’m playing these days is to develop a map editor, to get a graphical view of the story’s flow.

In the meantime,

Happy New!

PS – there is a new page, devoted to all you LGC supporter