Libro Game Creator is a Java gamebooks editor.

  • write single sections of the book
  • link them with a easy sintax (press F2 to create a new link, or write {link section_numer:link_text}, e.g. to slay the cobold go to {link 123:123}, if you like old-gamebook style, or you could {link 123:try to slay the cobold} or {link 134:flee}
  • shuffle the sections
  • import the book from
    • an older LGC version
    • a SQLite database
  • export the game book in
    • a single HTML file
    • a bunch of HTML files, one per section
    • RTF file (ready to be converted in a playable PDF file with active internal links)
    • a graphical rappresentation of the sections links (via Graphviz libs)
    • a SQLite database (useful to play the book with a dedicated Android/iOS application)

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