Goth-Amok, horror and sci/fi gamebook

goth amok digital gamebook android

Abducted by age-older than men creatures, you wake up oblivious in a cell of a mysterious underground dungeon. After a daring escape, you will find yourself counting just on your own strength and intelligence to avoid your chasers.

Among non-human creatures, odd alleys, traps and riddles to solve, you will have to detect the reasons of your abduction and find the road throughout the underground laboratories up to the ruins of the lost land, where Goth-Amok, the portal on the Elsewhere begins. An unprecedented story. Continue reading Goth-Amok, horror and sci/fi gamebook


Libro Game Creator & Fighting Fantazine

Fighting FantazineA short notice about the latest issue of Fighting Fantazine, the PDF magazine about the world of gamebooks (not only the FF saga).

At page 14 you could find a short article about the new Libro Game Creator version, with a link to this website.

Thanks to Alessandro Viola (the bridge between italian gamebook fans and the FF world) and the entire Staff!

Fanzine’s website is


Happy New Year, gamebook players!

zagor-warlockA short post to wish you a happy 2015. May it be every day better than the last, worst of next.

But there is no rest for real developers 😉 so I’m planning other features for my gamebook’s editor. The new release is almost ready (primarily based on bugfixing) and a new idea with which I’m playing these days is to develop a map editor, to get a graphical view of the story’s flow.

In the meantime,

Happy New!

PS – there is a new page, devoted to all you LGC supporter