LGC 3.3.23 – countdown to 3.4 and a coffee

What you are reading is the last update of the year, a 2022 which has seen numerous innovations for LibroGameCreator, and is a first step that takes us towards the next big release. This is because 3.4 will bring with it various changes, in the UI, in the file format, and other new features.

The version you have downloaded contains some small bugfixes and a first test to let LGC understand, when you load a file, if the version is the one consistent with the program you are using. This is because in the future different people may have different versions and will have to align in order to exchange working files. But we’ll talk about it in more detail in a few weeks.

Another news is that on the page dedicated to donations there is a new way to support my work on your favorite editor, the link to my Ko-fi page, for those who want to buy me a coffee every now and then.

LGC3 is available as always for free on the download page and I wish you happy holidays and happy writing!


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