LGC 3.3.16 – too many news

I think it’s clear to everyone that this blog is not updated from the author BUT the software is! From the last post here, we had have so many new versions and so many new features and bugfixing…

Now in LibroGameCreator, THE gamebook editor, you could find:

  • a new, compact, short, link format: no more go to {link 2:2} now a link between chapters use this notation: go to [2]
  • a new improved installer, with Graphviz library embedded, no more external installation and configuration
  • a new tool to “defrag” chapters, removing unused chapter’s number
  • improved text file import, with a dedicated tab in Preferences, to specify chapter’s link keywords
  • you could save Graphviz output to a graphic file (JPG)
  • lot of bugfixings and improvements…


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