LGC 3.2.15 with Squiffy support

squiffyI’ve been away from this blog for a while but the development of LGC has never stopped. Now let’s see the changes made in the latest releases.

All the main modifications made those months are connected to Squiffy format support.

The last release of LGC could import from Squiffy files and export to Squiffy files. If Squiffy is installed, after exporting, the file is automatically opened in Squiffy.

Other import/export features are:

@start tag is imported (in the squiffy_start attribute of the game entity) and exported

comments (#) are imported in LGC tag {rem comment} and exported

master section [[]] is imported in an LGC entity in the setup group. Entity text is then exported to Squiffy file master section

– both section links format, [[section text]] and [[section name]](text), are managed using LGC chapter’s title to memorize the section text



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