3.2.8 released


Looking at this blog it could seem that LibroGameCreator development has stopped one year ago. The truth is that the program has evolved, new features has been added and bags of bugs have been thrown away. But everytime I released a new version I’ve postponed the post on the english blog, slowly forget about it.

Today I’ve tryed to recollect all those modifications, and list them below. As always you can download the program here.

Changelog from april 2015 to july 2016:

  • new: french manual (thanks to Yannik Roch)
  • modified: when exporting an ebook, chapters will have the number/name in the page body (not only in the page title)
  • new: export format with chapter’s title in place of number
  • modified: F5 shortcut now create the new format link with title option {link n:@T}
  • modified: graph viewer is a now a stay on top frame
  • new: added word and character counters and a document information panel
  • new: added a startmaximized flag (lgc config file)
  • new: book’s graph (exported with graphviz) now shows chapter’s title inside the node, in place of the chapter’s id
  • modified: it’s finally possible to navigate the tree using up and down key
  • new: it’s possible to link external images in the chapter’s editor
  • new: game entity has a new attribute: game revision, updated every time the gamebook is saved and it’s printed in the application’s title
  • new: every chapter has its own title, printed in the entities tree on the left
  • modified: various GUI modifications & improvements, new layout for the simple version, new toolbar, new colours,…
  • modified: removed upper entity taskbar, changed left entity taskbar
  • new: todo panel with “go to chapter” and “export to todo list” features
  • new: temp file autosave
  • new: F5 insert a complete link to the first available chapter e.g. {link 65:65}
  • new: entities counter under the items tree
  • major internal code improvements
  • lot, lot of bugfixing…

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