3.1.25 released – gamebook tasks exportable list, autosave, a new shortcut and more!

sorcery-the-crown-of-kingsI’m still working on the “lite” version of the editor manual, and I’m very late with this task, but in my defence I’m working on a walkthrough for the The Crown of Kings gamebook, for italian readers, and at the same time I’m writing a gamebook of my own, a scifi/horror story.

Writing a gamebook, with LGC of course, is fun and painful at the same time. There is a lot of work to do, a lot of gimmicks to invent, monsters to design and all of this have to be well balanced or the player will give up too soon.

Using LGC is helpful (LGC3 could contain more informations than the oldest versions) but I keep finding myself thinking “I need more features, I need this, oh and how wonderful wold be if LGC could do this…” and so on.

So, new features are all about keeping notes inside the chapter’s text (reminders, tasks, “todos” as I’ve called them) and speed up the writing side of the process (with the new shortcut ready to insert a complete link to the first available chapter).

I hope you enjoy them as I!

Bugs & Features list:

  • new: “todo” panel with “go to chapter” and “export to todo list” features
  • new: temp file autosave (every 5 minutes)
  • new: press F5 to insert a complete link to the first available chapter e.g. {link 65:65}
  • new: chapters/entities count under the items tree
  • bug fixed: link to chapter list is now scrollable
  • bug fixed: shell files missing in lgc3.tar.gz

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