3.1.24 released – LGC speaks french!

Easter release with lot of new features. The main is the all new french localization, realized by Yannick Roch. You have a french lgc description page to read.

Screenshot from 2015-04-04 12:34:05Other news:

  • pressing F4 you will insert a reminder in the text, a new tag {todo } where you can write anything you need to remember about the chapter you’re working with. In the chapter tree, the chapter’s tooltip shows you all the “todo” tags
  • at last, the main editor has its own popup menu, to cut/copy/paste text and to insert links and reminders
  • now F2 shortcut works like F3: it inserts the {link x:xx} tag and moves the cursor to the first editable part of the tag
  • modified: new entities are empty
  • modified: added a group list to “entity panel” so you can easily choose from the list of the already used groups
  • bug fixed: updating lgc won’t overwrite css style file
  • bug fixed: disabled editor auto scroll to bottom when loading a chapter/entity
  • bug fixed: current folder is updated when loading a file
  • bug fixed: error while exporting in Graphviz if path contains spaces

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