3.0.0 released

* created GUI Swing
* added chapter base management commands
* added entity management system
* new file add standard entities/attributes (game, world,…)
* new chapter add standard attributes
* added plugin system
* added PLUGIN import from LGC2
* added localization manager
* added PLUGIN export to html file
* changed plugin interface
* added entity management
* changed frame icon to LGC icon
* modified internal interface
* new file format
* new plugin interface
* added PLUGIN import from SQLite database
* added plugin test suite
* removed singleton pattern from MCV design
* added PLUGIN import from db3
* added PLUGIN export to single html file
* [bug] recent files are not ordered by time
* [bug] save does not work
* [bug] PLUGIN sqlite export does not work
* [bug] corrected attribute update
* added PLUGIN export to graphviz
* added block feature to graphviz PLUGIN
* [bug] save file don’t update modify flag
* [bug] save file exporting dont add missing extensions
* [bug] exporting dont ask to overwrite existing files
* added donate button
* added about frame
* added command line loading option
* [bug] save as dialog does not show current folder
* improved flags manager
* added attribute editor
* added PLUGIN shuffle
* added shuffle proximity error correction
* updated chapter’s sorting algorithm
* added PLUGIN export to epub2
* added intro&rules to HTML file export
* [ekit] added Ekit html wysiwyg editor
* [bug] fixed lgc *link click event with Ekit editor
* [ekit] added LGC keywords highlighter
* [bug] fixed text styles
* [ekit] changed from <font> style to <span> style
* [bug] fixed application hanging when exit
* added intro & rules to export PLUGINs
* updated all JUnit test classes and the test suite


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